Port of Airlie

LocationAirlie Beach, Australia

The Port of Airlie is a newly reclaimed, 24 hectare site located at beautiful
Airlie Beach, gateway to the iconic Whitsunday Islands.

Considered a catalyst for the rejuvenation of Airlie Beach, Port of Airlie includes two resorts, a marina, commercial precincts and exclusive residential lots. Place Design Group worked in conjunction with
the architect to conceptualize high quality private landscapes and robust public spaces. All were designed to create a cohesive landscape character that reflected the tropical landscape character of Airlie Beach and its environs. The detailed design of each area reflects a desire to create a timeless style, complementary to Airlie Beach, suitably robust for public spaces, and maximising a high degree of tropical character.

Although the project is being constructed largely on marine mud landfill in a shallow bay with a degraded shore, a unique design solution now offers great stability for the sites broad range landscape structures and pavements.

Overall, a unique design was key in overcoming a variety of challenging coastal landscapes, to create a sustainable, reflective character.