Jezzine Barracks

LocationTownsville, Australia
ClientTownsville City Council

Previously home to the 31st Battalion (nee Kennedy Regiment) for over 120 years, Jezzine Barracks is a 15 hectare site that has been transformed into a public parkland. 

Flowing paths link the various lookouts with views over the ocean to Magnetic Island and back over Townsville to The Pinnacles and ranges to the west.  The project design features an amphitheatre, recreational facilities, boardwalk, bridges, pedestrian paths, and incorporates bio retention drainage systems which not only capture stormwater runoff but also provide natural boundaries between key sections of the site.  The close working effort between the military and traditional owner advisory groups, the Community Trust, Council, Place Design Group and the project team has resulted in a wonderful outcome, particularly in how the public art and the landscaping of the Jezzine site integrate so well. Located at the western end of the ever popular Strand beachfront in Townsville, Jezzine Barracks is a natural extension of the recreational activities and plays a pivotal role in tourism growth and historic remembrance for the area.