Dee Why Master Plan

LocationDee Why, NSW, Australia
ClientWarringah Council

In need of a fresh, visionary approach, Warringah Council commissioned Place Design Group to review the planning controls and recent master plans for the Dee Why Town Centre. This project requires an integration of Civic/ streetscape design, urban design, Landscape Architecture and community engagement input to recommend changes to the Council’s plans to stimulate the centre economically and revitalise the Town Centre to achieve better accessibility, amenity and functionality.

The brief called for a visionary approach to improving the centre’s public domain and also recommendations for changes to Council’s plans to encourage investment and stimulate future growth for this iconic Sydney’s Northern Beaches centre in line with local and state government visions for the Centre into the future. We provided a comprehensive approach to place making integrating the existing centre’s infrastructure and promoted sustainability through rigorous use of WSUD treatments in the public domain as a character and identity strength building block for the centre. Further development and refinement of options were undertaken in close engagement with the community and local stakeholders as part of a thorough community engagement program where after Place Design Group prepared the revised Master Plan for the Town Centre.  Dee Why Master Plan won a commendation at the 2014 Planning Institute of Australia Planning Excellence Awards for Best Planning Ideas Small and won the 2013 Planning Institute of Australia (NSW) Award for Excellence Best Planning Ideas Small.