Surfers Paradise Foreshore

LocationSurfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia
ClientGold Coast City Council

PLACE Design Group, through an extended urban design process with City of Gold Coast (CGC) developed a masterplan to resolve the multiple uses of the Surfers Paradise foreshore area in early 2011.

Following the completion of this process PLACE Design Group was appointed lead designer by Abi Group in their commission to provide the design and coordinate the required consultants involved in the realisation of this iconic project. The constructed outcome delivers the design intent of the original masterplan and subsequent design development to provide Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast with both physical and visual access to the beach, the core essence of the original design intent. The design area is divided into functional areas related to the street layout, extending the grid of the city into the Esplanade area. This allows for a hierarchy of spaces to develop and has been used to create three distinct zones; the Urban Plaza centred on the Cavill Avenue Mall, and the Urban Park Zones to the north and south of this area. Ocean Way, the wide promenade adjacent to the beach continues along the entire foreshore area providing a shared path for pedestrian and cycle traffic.