Sugar Bay Ancient Crater Coastal Tourism Area

LocationLonghai, Fujian Province
ClientNew Huadu

Preserve and integrate the unique
natural beauty of the site into a viable
sustainable multi faceted tourism focus
for the area.
The project, serving as the central
marketing hub for the entire future
development, includes the naturally
beautiful Beach Park with ‘postcardperfect’
views, Visitor Centre housing
retail and recreation facilities with a nearly
half-hectare swimming pool overlooking
the ocean, the ‘Xiamen Volcanic Rocks
Theme Park’ offering a stunning encounter
with the sites volcanic geographical
history, a Shipping Container Hotel
accommodation and future Marina.
The site’s long term sustainability is
threatened by storm surge events,
climate-change-related sea level rise
and strong coastal winds. Place Design
Group developed a creative site specific
sustainable design that protects the
ecological sand dunes, prevents sand
depositions and conserves existing
vegetation – transforming the site into a
great place for both people and nature.