Brisbane’s Industrial Future

Brisbane City Council have released a draft review of their industrial strategy to ensure it meets the needs of the city and rapidly evolving industrial sector. The new draft strategy, Our Productive City: Brisbane’s Industrial Future, outlines the need to maximise industrial land and ensure Major Industry Areas and Urban Enterprise Areas (previously Strategic Inner City Industrial Areas) develop into high value and well-designed places.

Working in collaboration with Brisbane City Council, Place Design Group and CDM Smith were involved in delivering the draft strategy. The draft strategy highlights how global trends, such as technological advancement and automation, and competitive advantages, are driving change in the cities’ industrial sector. By 2041, Brisbane’s industrial sector will grow to contribute more than $22 billion in gross regional product and employ 13% of the workforce.

Brisbane’s industrial precincts need to evolve to attract new high-value businesses and talented workers. Industrial precinct typologies for the Major Industry Areas and Urban Enterprise Areas show elements that will create successful precincts. In Urban Enterprise Areas this may include the co-location of industrial and non-industrial uses, including residential. These typologies are supported by three catalyst actions to implement the draft strategy:

  1. Championing Brisbane’s innovators and makers
  2. Moving people, goods and ideas
  3. Creating modern industrial precincts.

The draft strategy, Our Productive City: Brisbane’s Industrial Future, is out for public consultation until 16 August 2021. If you have any specific questions on how this strategy affects you or your existing industrial assets; or if you require assistance in the preparation of a submission to the Brisbane City Council to ensure your interests are appropriately represented in the draft strategy, please reach out to our Industrial planning experts.


Angus Green


Amanda Taylor