Coastal Destinations Driving Innovation in Design

In an era where the lure of lifestyle and escape is ever present, the focus on coastal destinations is stronger than ever before.  With this shift in focus, innovations in design and construction, to drive strong connections to place in our built form, are being pushed further and further.  Domic (Russian for House of Domes) celebrates this drive in innovation.

An off-the-grid eco lair on the doorstep of Noosa National Park, Domic took a fresh approach to not only connect with the primeval landscape, but bring the national park up and over the house itself.

James Birrell, Director at Place Design Group says, “we were so fortunate to work with a client that is a patron of innovation in design.  This really allowed us to explore new ways to seamlessly integrate our design with the national park and the views to the Pacific Ocean.  The architecture itself is very cave-like, reminiscent of the local Paradise Caves.  To connect this back to the landscape, a huge part of the project was the green roof and wall systems we created, an undertaking unlike anything we have ever done before.”

The systems integrated a series of arched rooves which curve in multiple directions.  This meant the design of various planting structures, irrigation systems, plant types, and maintenance programs. Not only did this achieve an aesthetic integration into the landscape, but more importantly ecological and sustainable benefits for the development and the region it sits within.

“The spotlight and attention right now is on our coastal and regional areas.  We need to seize this time and ensure not only innovation is considered, but how we drive design and development that protects the natural assets of these precious destinations.  Growth is happening at a rapid rate, and we have a responsibility to ensure we do this in a sustainable and considered way,” says James.

Filmed by Nikolas Strugar/ Ravens At Odds

James Birrell