Diversity shines at Place Design Group

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, companies like Place Design Group are reaffirming their commitment to a more diverse and equal opportunity workforce, in line with the 2017 theme #BeBoldForChange.

Place Design Group’s Shanghai Manager Sue Wang was selected late 2016 to head up the company’s International Investment Team alongside Brisbane General Manager Beth Toon. Beth has also joined the company’s board of directors as its first female member.

With all three of its China offices run by women, the international planning and design company has long been a strong supporter of workplace diversity.

Sue said Place Design Group’s strength was its experienced and talented team, and its commitment to supporting women in management roles.

“We have a team that varies widely in experience, age, ethnicity, background and gender. We employ a 50/50 split of male and female design professionals across our Pan-Asian business and almost exclusively Chinese nationals in our China offices,” she said.

These milestone appointments to the board and the International Investment Team represent exciting times for Place Design Group. Although, sadly this diversity is not represented in most firms in China and Australia, with only 18% and 26% respectively having women in management positions.

Beth said she was looking forward to paving the way for more women to excel in senior leadership positions, and to contributing to the company’s already thriving diversity agenda.

“Having greater diversity in leadership roles should be an easy decision for organisations. Studies show a varied team delivers improved returns for shareholders, better outcomes for customers and generally, a thriving environment in which to apply our skills, develop expertise and do our best work,” Beth said.

“As part of my legacy, I want to ensure I am the first of many successful female leaders at the top of our business, developing Place Design Group as the advisors of choice when it comes to the built environment.

“Diversity values need to be led from the very top of an organisation, and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of a company that demonstrates those values so strongly.”

Beth and Sue are leading the International Investment team in developing international relationships to promotion investment opportunities within the Australian property market; particularly in the areas of real estate, tourism and leisure, health and aged care, and infrastructure.