Event Summary: Exclusive briefing from Ethan Kent, Project for Public spaces

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  • Event Summary: Exclusive briefing from Ethan Kent, Project for Public spaces

In collaboration, BDA The Committee for Brisbane, Place Design Group and Dexus, secured the opportunity for BDA Patron and Corporate members to hear Ethan Kent, Senior Vice President of New York based company Project for Public Spaces (PPS) speak on community led placemaking.

The conversational event held at Waterfront Place on 31 May 2018, allowed Ethan to share learnings from project experience the world over and those in attendance to ask questions and engage in topical discussion.

Shaun Munday, Managing Director, Place Design Group elaborated on the unique opportunity to collaborate with Ethan and the team at PPS on the Waterfront Precinct project for Dexus.

“Place Design Group are excited to be working with Dexus and PPS on what will be a city changing project that will not only drive significant economic growth, but will provide major public space across a premium location for locals and visitors alike to experience and enjoy,” says Mr Munday.

Ethan Kent has been integral to the development of placemaking as a transformative approach. Having worked on over 200 PPS projects, Ethan has led a broad spectrum of placemaking efforts providing comprehensive public engagement, user analysis, planning and visioning for high profile public spaces on six continents. His approach has had the most tangible effect in New York City where Ethan co-founded the New York City Street Renaissance – an effort to challenge auto-centric transportation policy and inspire a new public vision of streets as dynamic destinations.

Experienced in forging major partnerships to advance public spaces in placemaking, during his time in Brisbane, Ethan has actively participated in a number of key discussions to aid in further building integral partnerships for the Dexus Waterfront Precinct project.

Incorporating Ethan, and the PPS teams’ expertise, and bringing their perspective and vision to the table allows those involved in this city changing project to appreciate the positive, transformational impact the Waterfront Precinct project can have on Brisbane City.

BDA The Committee for Brisbane is providing the platform for collaboration; connecting global leaders in placemaking and really advancing the cause.

In his closing address, Ethan captured the significance that the Waterfront Precinct can have on a global scale, “how a city connects with its waters edge is the identity it creates and reflects to the world”.

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The PPS website also has a list of relevant resources around Waterfronts: https://www.pps.org/category/waterfronts

Article Photo Credit: BDA Committee for Brisbane