Place Design Group launches 5G Explained – A non-technical overview to 5G

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  • Place Design Group launches 5G Explained – A non-technical overview to 5G

Launched during Smart Cities Week Australia, ‘5G Explained’ by Place Design Group, takes the conversation beyond the technology into the unchartered territory of what the 5G roll out will mean for our cities and streets.

Renowned for breaking down technical dialogue to convey complex topics in the smart city space, Place Design Group’s report provides a non-technical overview of the next generation 5G telecommunications with a focus on the physical implications for our cities, government and street stakeholders.

Place Design Group’s Executive Director of Planning Chris Isles believes the 5G deployment will bring unprecedented change to our streets and that all stakeholders need a solid understanding of what it will look like and mean for our cities.

“We see 5G as being one of these city defining technologies that will not only shape our digital experiences, but also the physical manifestation of streets.

Our public realm is already under immense pressure from emerging mobility and freight technology.  The roll-out of 5G infrastructure can only be a success through a curated approach to deployment – a coordinating entity that can bring together the current disparate interests at every level of the street.”

The report releases the nine national 5G & City Design Principles that respond to these emerging challenges and opportunities created by the impending national deployment of 5G technology.  These principles will guide local government, telecommunications and utility providers and urban infrastructure designers towards the best possible outcome for all citizens.

The principles developed by Place Design Group in partnership with Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand are currently being piloted by the City of Melbourne, who were recognised for their leadership in technology at the 2019 Smart Cities Awards on 31st October, taking out three coveted award categories – Leadership City, Digital City Services & the Social Impact Award.

View 5G Explained & the National 5G & City Design Principles here:

5G Explained