Yungu Apartment Wins REARD Global Design Award

The 5th REARD Global Design Awards announced Place Design Group’s Seattle (Yungu Apartment) the winner of the Residential category.

Seattle (now named Yungu Apartment), is a joint residential and retail development by Vanke Real Estate and Ronshine China. It is the second project of Vanke’s Community Vitality Centre selection of residential developments and is adjacent to the high-tech industry zone in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.


The landscape design delivered by Place Design Group is committed to the creation of an integrated landscape that would unite diverse aspects of recreation with educational, physical and emotional benefits. Building on the “Community Vitality Centre” model, we applied the “Vitality Ring” concept to link activity areas to create an ecosystem of opportunities for engagement and interaction that caters to all ages.


The design of the Nature Exploration Garden allows for an easily accessible connection with nature in an urban environment. It is an important part of the design thinking process to create better public spaces in the context of increasing urbanisation.

“The project no longer revolves only around play equipment, but further contributes to children’s education, especially their perception of nature, creating a positive influence on the way the natural environment is treated,” says Lead Designer for the community and Place Design Group Design Director Sue Wang.

Mark Burgess, Place Design Group Managing Director of China, said he was glad with the project outcome. “Our vision to create a new residential community has been realised in which interaction, engagement and networking were encouraged and realised by the establishment of the community vitality center, with children’s play spaces at its core, while enhancing the interactive experiences between residents at all ages.”

Founded in 2015 REARD Global Design Awards has extended its scope from residential and commercial to urban renewal, industrial, culture and tourism. Held annually, the awards are regarded as the leading real estate design awards.




Mark Burgess

Managing Director – China

Sue Wang, Place Design Group

Sue Wang

Director – International Design Director