Proposed Amendment to Brisbane City Plan 2014 – Major Amendment Package E

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  • Proposed Amendment to Brisbane City Plan 2014 – Major Amendment Package E

Place Design Group is committed to keeping you up to date with industry updates. Brisbane City Council have released an amendments package to alter certain provisions of the Brisbane City Plan 2014. The proposed amendments include changes across a range of provisions, including:

– Car share;
– Industry provisions;
– Major transport infrastructure;
– Multiple dwellings;
– Significant landscape trees;
– Special Entertainment Areas;
– Emerging community zone;
– Subdivision;
– Transport air quality corridors;
– Waterway corridors; and
– Mapping – including zoning and overlays.

Major amendments to the City Plan are available for public comment and a summary of the most notable changes is provided below:

Multiple Dwellings:
– Communal open space is only required for 10 or more dwellings.
– Deep planting, Communal Open Space and Private Open Space areas are to be calculated separately.
– The deep planting requirements have been increased to a minimum of 4m unobstructed in any direction. In addition, a 4m planting area must be located along the frontage of the site.

Emerging Community Zone:

– Density provisions have been included for land within the Emerging Community zone. These are as follows:

  • A density of 18 dwellings per hectare for dwelling houses, dual occupancy or multiple dwellings, where up to 2 storeys in height.
  • A density of 24 dwellings per hectare is applicable where within 400m of a dedicated public pedestrian access point of a public transport stop or station with 4 or more services during peak hour.

– A locational test for Multiple dwellings within the Emerging Community Zone has been included in the Strategic Framework. The location requirements are as follows:

  • Within 400m walking distance from a dedicated public pedestrian access point of a public transport stop or station with a service frequency of 4 or more services per hour in the peak periods of 7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm.
  • On the edge of a centre zone, other than a neighbourhood centre (i.e. must be district centre, major centre or principal centre).

– The minimum lot size table within the Subdivision Code has been slightly amended in relation to the average lot size requirement for Emerging Community zone, being 350m². Notwithstanding, the above density provisions are applicable, which potentially prevents theses minimum allowances from being achieved.

– The Acceptable Outcome relevant to hours of operation under the Industry Code is proposed to be altered to permit operations between 7pm and 7am, only where development is located at least 75m from a sensitive zone. This provision is in additional to the existing requirement of development not being clearly audible from a residential zone, or a sensitive use in a centre zone.
– Additional amendments are proposed to strengthen Performance Outcome / Acceptable Outcome PO/AO23 which limits hours of operation for non-industrial uses in industrial zones.

Car Share:
– Council have made amendments to encourage car sharing schemes in multiple dwelling and rooming accommodation developments. The proposed amendments include notations stating that car share spaces will not be included in the minimum car parking calculation in the city core area for long term accommodation uses. It is also proposed to include car share spaces in the minimum parking requirement outside of the city core.
– This proposed amendment will carry weight when developing in areas like the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan area where maximum car parking rates are a level of assessment trigger.
– Place Design Group have previously utilised car sharing provisions in inner city suburbs for multiple dwellings with positive results.

The above amendments are anticipated to be adopted in late 2019. Written submissions on the major amendments can be lodged with Brisbane City Council until 12th April 2019 at 5pm.

Should you wish to discuss any of the information provided or lodge a properly made submission against the amendments, please get in touch with the Brisbane Planning team on 07 3852 3922 or [email protected]