The DORIS Index

A new housing index to look at the future of our suburbs has just been developed for Australia – the DORIS index.

Introduced to industry at a recent UDIA Queensland Spotlight On Event, DORIS was presented as an accurate representation of a typical +55 year old who in hindsight realises she didn’t do herself any favours all those years ago, when she joined the campaign against townhouses and low-medium density development in the inner city suburb that she’s lived in her whole life.

The DORIS Index is a fresh new way to engage with the downsizing demographic to provide housing diversity for downsizer and therefore, for all.

With Australia reaching a point where almost 16% of the population are over 65 we continue to hear the concept ‘aging in place’. ‘Aging in place’ is a term used to describe a person living in their residence of choice, for as long as they are able to, as they age. This includes being able to have access to the services they may need over this time as their needs change.

Needless to say, downsizing is an important piece of the housing market puzzle, and it’s important to people that they have the option to downsize in the same suburb that is familiar to them and that is close to friends and family.

The DORIS Index (see link to paper below) takes a view that developing and delivering a specific strategy that targets downsizer and rightsizer housing, goes a long way in solving wider housing market issues.

You can read more via the story in The Sunday Mail (11 August 2019).