Tropical Paradise Hidden in Urban Jungles

The Foao New City, an architecturally planned and designed tropical landscape project has been completed in the Shunde District of Foshan Guangdong.  Designed by PLACE Design Group’s Shenzhen and Brisbane offices and developed by Foao Development Co Ltd, it is the 4th stage of Foshan Foao Garden, and will comprise high-density, high-rise residential apartments. The design for Foao New City that began in 2009, and is scheduled for completion in 2015 combines traditional design with fresh, innovative and visually appealing concepts; resulting in a design that radiates a rich south-east island feel.

To create a blissful tropical paradise augmented with a variety of leisure and recreational activities for the residences in a modern high rise setting is unique to the area. Mr. He Weiquan, Technology Director of Foao Development Co., Ltd. says, “High-grade residencies tend to be homogeneous, but Foao New City intends to present a different living experience to its residents. The natural atmosphere created by the South East Asia waterscape garden keeps the hustle and bustle from the community, and gives residents a place where they can feel relaxed and return to nature.”

“The Pacific region has been known for its island paradise and idyllic Shangri-la like landscapes which are richly influenced by traditions, ethnic cultures and environment,” says Kevin Cronin, Director of PLACE Design Group and Project Manager of Foao New City.  “Through this project we have strived to deliver a contemporary tropical style; converting traditional, intricate, and culturally-moulded details to a simplified modern design without losing the tropical theme”.

When looking at Foao New City from a bird’s eye view, it can be seen that this ‘new city’ is really a South-East island encompassing all of the tropical zone elements; ‘sea, ‘sand’, and ‘pavilion’.  With an outdoor lap pool and kids’ pool at its centre, the outer ring of the pool is clockwise comprised of an amphitheatre and Tai Chi court, lower and upper level clubhouse, kids’ play and exercise and area, community gathering pavilions, pitch & putt golf course, and a lake area; this residence provides a dynamic activity space for occupants of different age groups, and encourages them to take full advantage of the open spaces available.

The Foao New City design features 4 major and 1 minor view axis, to ensure that no matter what angle you are walking along, you can interact with the water elements of the design, including a variety of water types and shapes that create a vivid landscape which creates different experiences as you move through the space.

Place Design Group purposefully positioned the outdoor lap pool as the key focal point of the project, which is surrounded by an array of rest areas both in and around the pool to ensure residents have a panorama view of the ‘beach-side’ scenery.  The water spaces located on the outer ring are much more diversified and feature water plants to enrich the visual experience. Feature bowls and urns with overflowing water, floating steppers, water cascades with feature rocks and boulders installed in accordance with terrain, Balinese style sculptures in ponds, and even the naturalistic lake, combine to achieve an elaborately-designed Pacific tropical atmosphere. Finally standing in the tropical style pavilion, provides a peaceful view of the creek and waterfalls that harmoniously integrates a viewer into the scenery. It is, in a word, a tropical paradise hidden in the ‘urban jungles’.

The landscape architecture design has not been limited to the visual experience.  The projects designers have considered the applicability and functionality and provided solutions to the spatial problems within the masterplan. Consequently, residents’ diverse needs and convenience are realised.  Pedestrians and vehicles are separated in the project while catering for the required EVA, emergency services and disabled access.

Entry courtyards before every building provide a natural transition from modern living space to outside ‘tropical paradise’. The installation of  this ‘tropical paradise’ into the urban jungles is a bold and imaginative design. Not only has Foao New City been able to successfully introduce a tropical resort concept, but has also achieved a solution that is in harmony with the surrounding buildings as well. For further insight into this hidden ‘resort island’ visit