White Paper Review Lists Seven Key Impressions of a Brighter Brisbane City…

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  • White Paper Review Lists Seven Key Impressions of a Brighter Brisbane City…

Brisbane’s Economic Development Strategy entitled ‘Brisbane 2022 – New World City Action Plan’, has undergone a review by Chris Isles, Place Design Group’s award-winning, National Planning Director, with some insightful impressions unearthed, released in a white paper today.

Labelled ‘Seven Key Impressions’, the paper suggests the action plan is something that we as a city, should see as filled with great opportunity and positive change for Brisbane.
“The underlying intention of the strategy is to make Brisbane one of the world’s true ‘New World Cities’, which is something that everyone in Brisbane, particularly those of us in business, should not only be aware of but also be excited about,” Chris writes.

Through the White Paper, Chris states, “one of the core benefits of the ‘New World City’ tag, is the permission this tag gives us to leverage those assets to elevate Brisbane onto the world stage, as a city that competes (and wins) globally for talent, capital, innovation, students, visitors and major events, which should excite us all.”

Chris identifies that a core tenant of the strategy is the identification of the unique districts and precincts within Brisbane. This approach recognises that Brisbane is not one, homogenous opportunity, but a series of precincts and locational based opportunities. And, that the identification and strengthening of these precincts can only serve to allow the experience each of those precinct offers to be defined and refined, which Chris also believes to be positive.

Whilst the plan is silent on the ‘how’, Chris sees a real opportunity is for the city to repurpose our older, arguably defunct, industrial precincts that are often quite close to the CBD into vibrant mixed use precincts containing incubators, start-ups, diverse range of housing and integrated villages to deliver upon this precinct based opportunities.

“I would hope that a future by product of this strategy is a strategic rethink by Council as to the future of these precincts and how ‘New World’ places can come from Old World uses,” Chris states.
In 2014, Chris worked closely with Brisbane City Council on the redesign and repositioning of the Brunswick Street Mall. Post the $4million redevelopment, Place Design Group has identified over $500million proposed developments near the Mall adding huge benefit to the Brisbane Economy. This means that for every $1 spent, $100 of investment will be generated for the City or a 1:100 return on investment.
“I think if Council are able to develop a measurable set of metrics and data set that can be monitored and maintained, then I am sure that in the not-to-distant future we will be able to proudly say, we have hundreds of new tech, start-up businesses, and thousands of people employed in vibrant new centres of experience and precinct clusters around the city,” Chris writes.
As a proud, lifelong Brisbane resident, Chris Isles is embracing the ‘New World City’ opportunities, glad to understand that now, Brisbane is seizing the opportunity, rather than simply letting it slide by.

“Brisbane 2022 – New World City Action Plan is an amazing plan for us to continue our economic growth. I would certainly encourage Council to relook at how it can foster and facilitate the development of ‘New World places from Old World uses’ because I am sure the outcome will be more jobs, better communities, more vibrant places and precincts, and an attainment of the New World City potential.”

Chris Isles has over 15 years’ experience in the planning and development industry and is also a recognised writer and speaker on topics such as Town Centres and Mainstreets, Strategic Planning, infrastructure charges and planning reform and is currently Vice-President of UDIA Queensland.

Interested Brisbane-ites are invited to learn more about Chris’ Seven Key Impressions of the ‘Brisbane 2022 – New World City Action Plan” by clicking here to read the White Paper in full.