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Incorporating elements of local traditional history, the project has created a comfortable contemporary residential community that reflects traditional oriental culture through modern design.

  • Location
  • Hefei, Anhui, China
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  • Client
  • Sunac China | Cindera Real Estate


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Courtyard gardens were created between the typical building units’ to provide both quiet opportunities and spaces for social gathering and exercise. In areas the impact of the EVA requirements have been mitigated by designing folding screens that divide the broad EVA space into several courtyards. These screens can be moved to create larger or smaller spaces depending on what is required.

The planting design is a contemporary style but still provides elements of enclosure and openness that characterise traditional Chinese landscape design. The “Natural Garden” located near the main children’s play area provides
opportunities for children to learn about the environment through pavement sculpture and signage. The large playground is connected to a 4m wide jogging/walking path that joins all areas of the site. Within the playground a
sculptural play slide in the shape of an elephant is reflective of an older city park, with similar pieces to help marry the past to the present.

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