Explore the World’s First Code For Smart Communities – In 3D!

Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand and Place Design Group are excited to announce the launch of Smart Cities Explorer – a 3D version of the world first Code for Smart Communities.  A year in the making, Smart City Explorer was officially released yesterday at the Smart Cities Week Australia conference in Sydney, Australia.

Place Design Group partnered with Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand on the creation of the Code for Smart Communities.  Off the back of this Smart Cities Explorer was developed, a 3D online platform, that enables the community to experience and understand the Code content.

Adam Beck, Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand was thrilled to work with Place Design Group on this platform.

“Smart Cities Explorer offers users an engaging, interactive experience, which will give the content within the code contextual relevance.”

“The Place Design Group team did a fantastic job in bringing the Code to life in a really innovative, relatable and easy to digest way,” said Mr Beck.

Place Design Group are one of the leading planning and design consultancies in Australia proactively steering Smart Cities projects and working with clients on Smart Cities strategies.  Place Design Group, Executive Director, Planning, Chris Isles has presented to audiences internationally on the topic of Smart Cities and is presenting at this week’s Smart Cities Week conference.

“The Smart City Week Australia conference is an exciting opportunity for industry, government, and the wider community to understand where our cities and towns are heading, and what opportunities there are to ensure we are ‘future-proofing’ them along the way.  Place Design Group’s involvement in the development of the Code for Smart Communities and Smart Cities Explorer has enabled us to share our expertise in this space and provide input into how Australia will drive the Smart Cities agenda.”

“Through the work we have done we have really seen an absence of tools and explanatory materials that communicates Smart Cities in action and how they manifest in places and spaces.  The Code for Smart Communities and Smart City Explorer is our answer to this,” Mr Isles said.

As planners and designers of cities, Place Design Group seeks to holistically understand how technology will interact with mobility, environment, infrastructure, governance and other city systems to drive change in our ‘places’ – homes, businesses, streets and parks.

Mr Isles says “Smart Cities Explorer enables users to understand how Smart City Strategy work should be undertaken – by designing our streets from the place up, not outcomes down.  After all we don’t plan a city by segmenting waste, people or mobility, and equally, we don’t create great places with an exclusive macro lens of the economy or the environment.”

Smart Cities Explorer can be viewed at placedesigngroup.com/SmartCitiesExplorer or visit smartcitiescouncil.com for more information about the Code for Smart Communities.

The Smart Cities Week Australia conference runs from 29-31 October 2018 in Sydney, Australia.