Inclusive Play Wins National Award

‘Everyone can play’ has seen national recognition, with Variety Livvi’s Place, Glenfield taking out the Playground Design & Development Award at the Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards.

Place Design Group worked closely with Variety – the Children’s Charity, and Campbelltown City Council to deliver this award-winning inclusive play space.

“Inclusive play in our communities has become more critical in the last few years.  Our team has continued to push the envelope through our design process to strive for place outcomes that build community, and where people feel totally included, comfortable, and engaged. It’s great to be recognised for the work we have delivered in inclusivity which shows our commitment and dedication to play, children and bringing communities together”, said Place Design Group Director, Nick Ison.

Opening in February 2021, the project includes features that go well ‘beyond the playground’, considering elements such as bus drop off bays, accessible parking bays and an accessible adult change facility. Place Design Group developed unique design features and play experiences that provided genuine inclusion, included custom ‘circular’ picnic settings that are wheelchair accessible, ‘in-ground’ and ‘low to ground’ play experiences such as trampolines and balance beams that promote intergenerational play as well as musical, sand and water experiences offering sensory play.

A long-time advocate for inclusive play, Place Design Group Associate Baz Richards said, “every design decision has been made with inclusion front of mind. We wanted to create a play-space for children and youth, as well as parents, grandparents and carers who take their children to the space. Some people face barriers with mobility, travel and even access to public bathroom facilities, so we wanted to provide an all amenities play experience that would allow for all day stays to be a reality, regardless of ability.”

‘Uniqueness’ was the key driver in the development of the design. The team worked closely with a group of specialists to develop custom playground features that provide engaging, imaginative and memorable experiences for all visitors.

Take a look at the award-winning inclusive design.

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The National Sports & Physical Activity Convention 2021 (NSC21) plays host to the Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards which recognises individuals, not-for-profits, commercial, play, recreation and sport sectors, for their innovations to get more people active.

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