Pimpama Sports Hub Celebrates Three Prestigious Awards

Pimpama Sports Hub, a sustainably designed sports centre that also serves as a disaster shelter, has received three esteemed awards at the Australian Institute of Architects’ 2023 Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Regional Awards. The project, developed for the City of Gold Coast, has been recognised for its outstanding architecture, urban design, and sustainable features, reaffirming its significance as a community-driven development.

The Sports Hub, designed by Liquid Blu Architects in collaboration with Place Design Group, received the highly acclaimed Phillip Follent Award for Building of the Year. In addition to this prestigious recognition, the Hub also earned commendations in two other categories – Urban Design Architecture and Sustainable Architecture. The project’s sustainable design elements were particularly praised for seamlessly integrating climatic response, energy, and water systems to reduce the overall environmental impact and create a resilient space. Notably, the Pimpama Sports Hub was also purposefully designed to function as a self-sufficient disaster shelter and recovery centre, further enhancing its significance and value for the community.

Clint Wood, Place Design Group Director, and Design Manager of the project expressed his gratitude for the recognition, “Pimpama Sports Hub holds immense importance for the Gold Coast community. We are proud to have played a role in its design, focusing on creating an inclusive recreational precinct. These awards highlight the positive impact this facility has had on bringing the community together, prioritising accessibility, safety, and amenity. We believe that thoughtful design has the power to bring communities together and enhance their quality of life.”

The Pimpama Sports Hub is a monumental $94 million project that encompasses three swimming pools, eight tennis courts, a netball centre, community parklands, and event spaces. The precinct serves as an important social hub and infrastructural development within the major urban growth corridor of the Gold Coast, catering to diverse recreational needs and fostering community engagement. By prioritising accessibility and infusing the design with passive recreation options suitable for all age groups and abilities, the project redefines the concept of a regional sporting facility.

The jury at the Queensland Architecture Awards praised the Pimpama Sports Hub for its remarkable contribution to the community. They described it as an inspirational and aspirational template for community infrastructure, emphasising its ability to unite and inspire people.

Place Design Group extends its congratulations to Liquid Blu Architects, the City of Gold Coast, ADCO Constructions and all those involved in the realisation of the Pimpama Sports Hub. The awards received at the Australian Institute of Architects’ Queensland Architecture Awards for Gold Coast and Northern Rivers highlight the collective commitment to exceptional design, community well-being, and sustainability.


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