Passion drives business growth

Looking beyond skill sets to seek out special interests and passions has been a critical factor to international planning and design firm, Place Design Group’s growth success. In an increasingly globally influenced environment, the organisation has focused on the development of a more bespoke, flexible and innovative business model, with its people at the very heart.

“By tapping into our teams and identifying their broader collective skill sets, we have been afforded the opportunity to strengthen the business via simple augmentation of roles – and in turn it’s creating more innovative place outcomes”, CEO Beth Toon said.

Whilst most companies can say their people have a range of skills and abilities, there are few who seem to be tapping into these and championing them to create broader growth strategies. Through this approach Place Design Group has developed some unique and powerful combinations of abilities that clients are increasingly seeking.

“Central to our work is place identity and understanding how to create great places for people that will stand the test of time.  By tapping into the passions of our teams, which encompass unique areas such as data analysis, brand strategy, and health and wellbeing, to name a few, we are experiencing new and better client outcomes that are changing the face of the cities, towns and regions we work across,” said Shaun Munday, Managing Director Place Design Group.

And as a direct result, this means their people are progressing too. Place Design Group have recently appointed three new principals from within.

Penny Spiers an experienced landscape architect and current AILA National Finance and Risk Auditing Panel Chair, Amanda Taylor, a strategist specialising in planning policy and major projects, and Erin Ashford, a strategic engagement and communications specialist and IAP2 Global Operations Task Force international advisory representative.  All internal appointments, their ability to bring unique knowledge and expertise to their teams and projects has brought forward new and exciting opportunities.

“Erin, Amanda and Penny are three individuals who are incredible examples of fresh leadership and thinking who are forging new paths in their fields and achieving extraordinary outcomes. By not restricting them to operate within a stock standard skill offering, has given each the ability to develop their individual passions and in turn diversify their team’s offering and develop companywide growth opportunities.” Beth says.

The appointments provide representation across Place Design Group’s three service pillars of design, planning and communications.  This combined approach, coupled with the ability to collaborate across the group’s teams in Australia, China and South East Asia, continues to be a strong formula for success.