Place Design Group appoints Sue Wang as Design Director

Place Design Group are thrilled to announce the appointment of Sue Wang as Design Director to lead Place Design Group’s International Design Team. The new team will incorporate the established international investment team, and will work to drive high level design outcomes internationally across Australia and China.

Ms Wang, is looking forward to leading the team at this international level to highlight the design outcomes the group is consistently delivering.

“The group’s next strategy phase is to consolidate the superior design capabilities across China and Australia to elevate the impact our team has to meet the growing needs of the international design market. I am looking forward to working across our teams in China and South East Asia to drive innovation and quality across our projects and how we can further nurture relationships with international developers within Australia,” Ms Wang says.

In 2016 Place Design Group set a new strategic direction, consulting with Fudan University and UQ Business School to form an International Investment Team to increase Chinese investment in Australia. As part of this a number of strategies were implemented including the accreditation with Quality Management System.

Place Design Group Managing Director for China Mark Burgess, has assisted in driving this business evolution and is confident Sue’s expertise and drive will ensure success in leading the international design team.

“Appointing Sue to lead this group will provide greater confidence for all parties when dealing with complex challenges that can arise working across diverse regions. For Place Design Group, this means having a design-based leader based in Brisbane, Australia, working within the entire Asian region with the ability to utilise specialists from across the company’s global teams. Combined with her proven record of delivering projects at the highest levels and an ability to balance the needs of different stakeholders, Sue’s leadership will continue to create outcomes that exceed what may be considered possible,” Mr Burgess says.

Mr Burgess says, “The Asian economies are well recognised as being some of the fastest moving in the world at present. The ability to meet the targets of clients, both time frame and financial, is critical to the success of any business that operates in the region and this is where experience can really add value.”

“This increase in financial growth in these economies has helped create an unprecedented demand for quality developments as end users become more sophisticated and discerning. It is imperative that consultants can work with developers to deliver outstanding results that also incorporate the strong cultural values that exist within the regions. At Place Design Group we are ideally suited to plan and design spaces and places that reflect the aspirations of the end user.” Mr Burgess says.

Ms Wang has worked on a number of high profile design projects including those such as Seattle in Hangzhou, The One in Hefei and Jinmao Palace (Yaojiang) in Ningbo.

With significant experience working on high profile projects throughout Asia, Ms Wang’s appointment to this new position will only further expand opportunities for all parties within the region.

With teams across Australia, China, and South-East Asia, Place Design Group is an award-winning leader in planning and design with a reputation for creative and commercial solutions.