Storytime: Place Design Group launches The Little Big Books series

Following the inaugural Smart Cities Week Australia event last week, Place Design Group has today released The Little Big Books, a series of story books that communicate complex topics in a simple and joyful way.

A labour of love that combines Place Design Group’s expertise in simplifying complex communications, and passion for the future of our built environment, the Little Big Books series aims to break down the often-technical dialogue around topics such as smart cities, density, housing affordability & mobility in our cities.

Executive Director, Planning, of Place Design Group, Chris Isles recognises the hype that comes with topics such as Smart Cities, and that too often industry is caught up on the buzzword of the week without attempting to convey a comprehensive message.

“We know from being on the front line of engagement with community that Australia wide we are struggling as professions to convey and communicate the opportunities and benefits of change in our cities. We are trying to solve what is fundamentally a communications problem with planning, engineering and investment language, when we really just need to reframe the discussion for the audience, whether this be community, government, or industry professionals.

“Our hope is that The Little Big Books series will encourage people along on the urbanisation journey, as well as understand complex issues, which will lead to the creation of better cities and regions,” says Mr Isles.

Launched today, ‘Smart Cities in Oz’ is the first series of The Little Big Books. The first two books of the series, ‘Smart Cities – The Shake-Up (Smart Cities 101) and ‘Smart Cities – Ready, Set, Smart…for Government’ convey where we are in the smart city movement, and where we need to go.

The ‘Smart Cities in Oz’ series will include a total of eight books explaining the smart cities concept across the future of streets, parks, housing, mobility and communications.  The third book ‘Smart Cities – Smart Spaces, Smart Places’ launches 19 November.

View the released books of the Smart Cities in Oz series here:

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3