Thornton Residential Development

Stage 2D & C of the Thornton Residential development in Penrith NSW is highlighted by an major WSUD intervention. Following on from the projects overall theme of connecting the site back to the Nepean River, one of Sydney’s major river systems, there was the opportunity to create a strong lateral landscape and WSUD connection between the Stage 1 central open space and the projects on line constructed wetland system. The canal or ‘Water’s Edge’ was developed to provide the client with a strong marketing focus with a strong landscape narrative via the various spatial elements and strength of pedestrian connectivity from one stage to the other. The WSUD system is effectively a stormwater conveyance canal  that has been developed as a high amenity pedestrian corridor with Water sensitive Urban design functionality. The canal is to serve as a permanent water body that provides an important outlook for the residents and a place for passive and active recreation as people are encouraged to walk.  Progressive engineering will ensure that harvested stormwater is channelled into the constructed wetland where the water is treated as a first pass. From the wetland the water is then passed through a large open body sand filter as a further process in the filtration of the water before it is returned back to the canal. This reticulation of water is not only to serve as a water purification process but also in order to provide the stormwater canal with a permanent water body. Macrophytes are also used within the canal.  The work on hardscape quality, rhythm and colour will constitute the essential elements of this space.

Stage 2D & C are due for completion in February 2015.