Blurring the lines between landscape and building - bringing the Noosa National Park over the top of the structure, integrating the landscape typologies of the Sunshine Beach sand dunes with materials, colours, habitat and vegetation to engender a primal sense of belonging to the place.

  • Location
  • Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
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  • Client
  • Evgeny Skigin



Domic (Russian for House of Domes), is an off-the-grid eco lair on the doorstep of Noosa National Park overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The house is nestled into the sand dune wrapping it’s roof and walls in a blanket of natural vegetation endemic to the area. The abode is cave like and dramatically connected to the natural and primeval surroundings.

The project explored bespoke designs and innovations in green roof and green wall systems so that the landscape could be seamlessly integrated with the architecture.

Domic is a self-reliant eco lair that puts landscape architecture in the driving seat of high-end residential design. The project is a shining example of how, through design, the natural world can be sensitively integrated into a 4-storey building to provoke a sense of belonging to the place and to maintain a natural experience and sense of wonder and discovery.




Winner – 2020 AILA QLD Awards: Award of Excellence for Gardens


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