Mooloolaba Walk & Ride Bridge

Offering a dedicated and safe active transport link into the heart of Mooloolaba, the outcome reflects the project’s significance within the Mooloolaba landscape and truly embodies placemaking values that are uniquely Sunshine Coast.

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  • Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
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  • TOD Consulting
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  • 2018

Opened in early December 2018, the Mooloolaba Walk & Ride Bridge marks the completion of Stage 5 for the Sunshine Coast Council’s Separated Bikeway Project. This dedicated transport link provides pedestrians and cyclists with a safe off-road link and creates an impressive entry landmark into the heart of Mooloolaba Beach and the coastal trail network beyond.

As lead consultants, Place Design Group was responsible for the arch and curvature of the 5m wide and 66m long bridge along with the layout of the adjoining pathways and parklands. Referencing the natural setting, the bridge’s art components promote the Sunshine Coast’s placemaking values; the coastal landscape character and a family-orientated healthy active lifestyle.

There are four main placemaking artistic themes intricately incorporated into the design:

Water: The format of flowing water in a continuous pattern is embossed into the precast concrete parapets along the bridge curvature. Water is also represented in sandblasted ripple and whirlpool patterns to differentiate the bridge pedestrian pathway from the cycleway.

Reeds: The bridge balustrade is designed to symbolise ‘reed’ sections that rise and overlap the ‘water’ parapet. The reeds are formed by twisting the narrow pickets to form seed heads at varying heights.

Coffee Rock: The decorative entry cast coloured concrete is embossed with stylised recesses that are sandblasted to expose a dark rock seam in reference to Mooloolaba’s iconic coffee rock coastline.

Norfolk Pines: The shade structures at the entry points to the bridge provide seating and viewing nodes which reference the Sunshine Coast’s renowned Norfolk Pines. The structures also provide a platform for solar panels.

This project outcome represents a complex creative process that was truly inspired and led by the design’s artistic requirements and outcomes. The engineering, hydraulics and lighting all reacted to the landscape design, in response to the client’s strong emphasis on the incorporation of placemaking values. The overall project result provides a significant contribution towards creating a more active, inclusive, connected and sustainable environment for the Mooloolaba community and greater Sunshine Coast region.


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