Yungu Apartment

This community vitality center promotes the interaction of residents of all ages, bringing their vision of building a new residential community that promotes interactive participation to life.

  • Location
  • Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
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  • Client
  • Vanke Real Estate | Ronshine China
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  • Year completed
  • 2019


Formerly named: Seattle
The idea was to ​​create a truly comprehensive landscape, combining all aspects of leisure activities with education, sports and emotional connections.The vitality loop runs through various activity areas paying special attention to tolerance and interaction between children and adults, becoming an organic ecosystem. “Natural gardens” provide children living in the inner city with an opportunity to get close to nature, understand the environment and ecosystems.
The sports field is suitable for all kinds of activities whether it is a group sport or an individual-friendly sport,  a custom-built container gym also offers opportunities for sports and foreign exchange.
There are quiet places in the community for reading and Tai Chi. Large water bodies and sculptures in the landscape as a whole strengthen the connection between people and nature and help integrate the interior landscape space in a larger environment. 

The landscape designers have incorporated art as a fun way to guide children and adults to explore, understand and respect nature together, to strengthen mutual emotional connection to achieve harmony between the built environment and the natural world.

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