Bardon State School

Creating a safe and unique arrival experience - for the school and for the surrounding community.

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  • Brisbane, QLD, Australia
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  • Department of Education Queensland



In collaboration with the Department of Education Queensland, Place Design Group provided the design, documentation and construction services for Bardon State School’s front entry landscape renovations. Place Design Group lead a small consultant team who helped to deliver a bespoke shelter to the new ‘Stop Drop and Go’ zone, a ceremonial ANZAC and flagpole area, a fully upgraded pathway network, new site fencing and planting across the frontage. These front of school upgrades were designed to improve accessibility, support outdoor learning activities and gatherings for the school community – incorporating covered seating areas, new planting, screens and buffers, shade trees and new pathway access into the school to create a unique and comfortable arrival experience for the school and surrounding community. The resulting landscape design considered the heavy wear encountered in the school environment, with low maintenance requirements, long term viability of planting areas as well as durable materials that compliment the schools existing character.

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