Blackhealth and Springwood Town Centres

A high-quality upgrade to the town centres of Blackheath and Springwood reinforcing a strong sense of place.

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  • Blackheath, NSW, Australia
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  • Client
  • Blue Mountains City Council

As part of the Western Parkland City Liveability Program, Place Design Group have worked closely with local Council and the community to meet local expectations and deliver exceptional urban outcomes.

The main objectives of the projects are to improve public amenity and activation of the town centre, enhance traffic and pedestrian circulation, as well as parking efficiency. This was achieved through a combination of upgrading and extending paths, new street plantings and furniture, new and improved pedestrian crossings, traffic calming measures, intersection works and formalised parking.

The project presented an opportunity to engage with the local community and gather vigorous feedback, while describing the design vision and long term goals of the projects. The overall strategy was developed with strong landscape principles of pedestrian walkability, long term suitability, planting and flexibility in mind.

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