Wecker Road Markets

Place Design Group led a multi-disciplinary team of designers, planners, landscape architects and engineers to create a high-quality retail and commercial offering for the Mansfield community.

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  • Brisbane, QLD, Australia
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  • Mansfield Investment Queensland Pty Ltd

Wecker Road Markets is a three (3) stage project which involves a commercial and retail hub that contributes to the vibrancy of Mansfield. The design includes a diverse range of retail and commercial offerings including a tavern, shops, offices, food and drink outlets and health care services. The development also includes expanded pedestrian walkways, contemporary and modern building design and landscape architecture treatments.

Place Design Group were engaged by Mansfield Investment Queensland Pty Ltd to facilitate the statutory planning and landscape design approvals.

The proposed development will offer its customers more than merely a place to collect the weekly groceries, promoting a vibrant and active retail environment that contributes to the area’s social capital and creates a ‘destination’ for Mansfield.

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